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Are you going to the beach?

Access and check out live, in real time, the weather, the sea and the traffic jam at the Barra da Tijuca’s beach, directly on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How does our camera work?
Our camera transmit for free, 24 hours per day, the Barra da Tijuca’s beach in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Our images are optimised to present a better quality of exhibition during the day. During the night, our images are exhibited in black and white because of the poor lighting conditions on the waterfront of Barra da Tijuca.

Is the access for free?
Yes, you only need an internet connection. In order to watch our images, press PLAY.

Do you like going to the beach? Do you surf? Do you sail?
Before you leave home, check out here, live, the weather, the waves, the wind, the beach and the traffic jam. Free access.

Have you been to Barra da Tijuca’s beach?

Barra da Tijuca’s beach is the biggest beach of the city of Rio de Janeiro and offers good conditions to practise sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle, and other sports and physical activities such as volleyball, frescobol, beach-volley, cycling, jogging, hiking, diving and fishing.



Barra da Tijuca’s neighbourhood is located at the west side of the city of Rio de Janeiro. With a lot of bars, restaurants, hotels and shoppings malls, it became a gastronomic, a hotel and a entertainment centre.

When it comes to beauty, the Barra da Tijuca’s beach stands out in Rio. With an extensive coast, its waterfront presents an excellent space to practise sports and to have moments of leisure.

The shore of Barra da Tijuca has almost 18 kilometres of extension with sidewalk and bicycle path, and around of 8 kilometres are destined to the preservation of the vegetation of sandbanks and mangrove forest. This guarantees an incredible natural beauty to this neighbourhood and to the city of Rio.

The part of the beach which is placed in front of the environmental preservation area is known as Reserva of Marapendi’s Beach. The Reserva of Marapendi is an extensive area of environmental protection that is situated between the Marapendi Lake and the Barra da Tijuca’s beach.

The Barra beach has eight lifeguard stations responsible for the bather’s and swimmer’s safety. Each station is distributed on every one kilometre along the beach. These lifeguard stations offer bathrooms from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. from monday to sunday.

At all beaches of the city of Rio de Janeiro, it’s forbidden to practise sports, such as fishing and frescobol at the waterfront from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. At this time, frescobol and soccer, for example, may be practised at the part of the beach which is located closer to the sidewalk.

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Help us to preserve.

Help to keep the beach clean. Don’t leave behind cans, straws, cups, bags, and other packages, nor on the sand or in the sea.

Garbage destroys the beauty of the beach, causes illnesses to people and kills a lot of animals such as seagulls, fishes and turtles.

When you go to the beach, do not park your car or your motorcycle on a two-way road, in irregular parking lots or in vegetation areas.

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